Our designers and developers believe in the future of digital creativity and know firsthand where it can take young careers. But not every creative kid gets the opportunity to explore this career pathway.

We know that passion burns in the person not their circumstance, so a share of all Panther profits go towards funding Panther digital media courses for talented young students with fearless flair, but without the funds to fuel it.

Panther have partnered with CodeAvengers, who are in 10,000 schools around the world, helping teach the next generation to code and create.

“Coding isn’t just for computer science nerds. Coding helps kids broaden the way they problem solve through troubleshooting and the constant need to think critically. It’s really important for us to help teachers find ways to engage with kids and to prepare them, in a practical sense, for today’s world. Technology is everywhere, so we’re excited to turn coding into a language we can all speak.”

 - Adam Walmsley - Director of Operations at Code Avengers

Code Avengers will pioneer Panther as a creative website building tool, particularly for those interested in pursuing creative agency careers.

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Code Avengers