Artwork by: Marylou Faure

Dedicated servers

Every Panther team gets its own customised, dedicated instance. This means performance, flexibility and reliability.

Unlimited sites

There is plenty of room to grow with Panther. Keep building sites without worrying about server resources.

Unified environment

Say goodbye to fragmentation. Manage all of your client sites through our admin panel. There has never been a better time to consolidate your digital assets.

Multi-zone and high availability

Protect your most critical assets. Panther Teams offers a range of high availability options that protect against outages and downtime.

Unlimited designers

Need to throw people at a project or share the workload across time-zones? No problem. Panther Teams lets you add as many designers to an account as you like.

Unlimited content editors

It doesn’t matter if you have one client or hundreds – you can give all of them access to our PageBuilder editing tool.

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